Global Initiatives

Early Screen Project PDQ-1

Among the most important steps a family can take with autism is early identification.  We have created an easy to use early screener.  The PDQ-1 Psychological Developmental Questionnaire -1. This tool is extremely useful to help a family take the vital first step toward a definitive diagnosis.

Research has well documented the importance to long term outcomes with the early identification and early treatment programs specifically designed for children with autism.

The PDQ-1 is a scientifically standardized tool which takes less than five minutes to complete and is a useful tool for all global communities.

We are currently working to translate this document into as many languages a practical for widespread use.

View the PDQ-1

Clinical Autism Training Kit

The CAT kit is a project which creates an easy to use kit for the global community to enhance community ability to quickly and accurately identify a child at risk of developing autism.  The kit utilizes the PDQ-1 as a cornerstone to the project and incorporates other educational tools for working with newly identified children.